My first day in the kitchen

My first day in the kitchen was June My 3rd, 2018. Let that marinate as I talk about what I wanted to make for my very first kitchen adventure. I woke up on June 3rd, 2018 and decided “I want to cook today!” I knew I wanted to bake something, but I also wanted to actually cook something. So I could eat “food” before I stuffed my face with what I hope would be good cake. I decided on “fancy” mac and cheese. My husband had made it in the past, but I wanted to find my own recipe, so to the internet I went! I used the following recipe:

Since I am such a kitchen newbie, I have followed every recipe I have used to the T. I even used the pasta type specified in the recipe, which is something so minute I didn’t plan on it, it just worked out that way.

If this is a recipe you might consider making, please keep in mind that if you are looking for a creamy, loose mac and cheese, this is NOT the one for you. Since it is baked, all of that goodness goes right into the pasta! Another thing to think about is your audience when serving. Most kids love mac and cheese right?! But the types of cheeses this dish calls for may not suit a tiny human palate. My niece is a mac and cheese lover and she didn’t care for the cheese in this dish, which for an 8 year old, I can understand.

I didn’t get many pictures of the dish once it was completed, because I didn’t anticipate taking up this blog, but pictured below are shots of the cheeses I used ( bought at my local Shop Rite) as well as an after shot of the mac and cheese



The outcome? One tray was gone by the end of the day!! And the other tray took a few days and handed out to a few people as well. In the back of my head I know full well I can half a recipe because it is just me and my husband, but I like to share!! As I have been saying every time I have made something, “I am pretty proud of myself!”

On to dessert!!!!

I love chocolate cake. My favorite dessert will always be chocolate cake. So why not make one, right?? The recipe I used can be checked out here:

Full disclosure, I didn’t even attempt to make the frosting. It was my first day in the kitchen, I didn’t want to get too crazy. This was fun to make though, because my son helped and actually ate the finished product!

The thing that I am enjoying the most is watching all the ingredients I am putting together, actually turning into something! I didn’t understand why the recipe called for unsweetened chocolate, until I saw exactly how much sugar 2 cups looks like! I knew what was keeping this cake sweet!! Then adding the butter and chocolate to that and watching it come together as I stirred it was so cool! I love science so I see this all as one big science experiment.

I took some pictures as I was making this cake, so I will show them below.

A few things I took away from making this particular cake. If you like a dense, moist cake, this one is for you! With just the right amount of frosting, this cake has the PERFECT sweetness. My husband and son iced the cake, using Betty Crocker frosting. They didn’t over load the frosting in between layers and I think that is what made it perfect.

Outcome here? Loved by all! It didn’t last long in this house and my husband who does not care for chocolate cake, has been talking about it since. Pretty proud of myself!


I started to get nervous when I saw how the cakes looked in their pans:


But kept on pushing and put them in the oven under the watchful eye of my helper


And the finished product!


Thanks for checking this out! I have a few more things to put up. Please feel free to share your stories or recipes!


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  1. Congratulations, Edwina, on your entry into the world of culinary arts. You are right on the money when you call cooking a science. I like to refer to it as Kitchen Chemistry. I am a retired chemist so it is natural that I like mixing things together and letting them react…which is exactly what cooking is all about. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to try other cuisines like thai, mexican, chinese, italian, and more.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! Making my first pot of sauce and attempting gnocchi tomorrow! Will definitely post about it. Thanks for following me on my cooking journey!

      Liked by 1 person

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