Size really does matter

The first time I cooked chicken breasts that was a lesson learned. The bigger, not only do they have to cook longer, but to me it lost a lot of the taste. Chalk it up to learning, but I still wanted my chicken to be perfect! I followed the recipe:

I was super excited to make this because it has two of my favorite things: chicken and garlic! When I was combining the butter and garlic my husband was worried I added too much garlic ( I may have gone off recipe), but it turned out just fine. He also picked out the chicken breasts for me, and while I made sure they were boneless and skinless, I didn’t take note of the size and they were SUPER thick. So once I prepared all of it and put it in the oven, I was a little deflated. The chicken didn’t look pretty, so I automatically thought it my head it wouldn’t taste good. I didn’t take any pictures of this particular dish. Actually, I am lying, I took some but deleted them! I thought it looked so plain, even after the chicken came out of the oven! (Also, I didn’t think I would be blogging about it). I think because I used panko breadcrumbs instead of seasoned breadcrumbs the chicken never got that color I was hoping for.

I think this would be a great recipe for any chicken lover. It also wasn’t too hard to take. The chicken was definitely nice and moist, but I didn’t find it very cheesy.

The outcome? 50/50…My husband really enjoyed it, but I didn’t care for it. BUT I was super proud of myself for taking on this dish. Did I make something to go on the side with this chicken? Of course! I tried my hand and scalloped potatoes. Check out my thoughts below!

First, I followed this recipe:

My husband was instantly concerned that I would slice a finger off using the mandolin, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the potatoes sliced that thin by hand, so we went ahead a bought one. We bought one at our Target (unfortunately I cannot find the exact one. For some reason, I was really excited to try to make this dish.

For some reason, melting ingredients into a pan and mixing them together gives me all the feels. Again, it absolutely feels like science, and now I know I am not the only one who feels that way! Being able to stir the cheeses into the pan with the milk and flour, made me feel like a real chef and getting to show my son how to do these things was really fun as well. He tells me at the end of each thing we make if I have earned a badge.

These potatoes went into the oven for exactly an hour and they came out perfectly! I was surprised that I tasted that little kick of cayenne pepper and it was absolutely appreciated. This was a perfect compliment to my chicken and I preferred the potatoes, while my husband enjoyed both. I will definitely be making them again! I did get some pictures of before and after. In the future, I am going to take pictures as I preparing!

Before they even went into the oven I was proud of myself! They looked so yummy!



And man did they deliver! So good! And they didn’t look to bad either, if I do say so myself!

cooked taters

I also made banana bread and some chewy M&M cookies that day, so they will be up later! Thanks for checking me out! And if you have any pointers or stories to share, please do!



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