Cookies and Banana Bread, oh my!

You gotta have dessert with your dinner, right? So while I was making scalloped potatoes and Garlic Cheddar Chicken, I was also whipping up chewy M&M cookies and banana bread, because I am a kitchen master!

The cookies were fun, because my son helped. What 5 year old does not like cookies with M&Ms in them!? I followed this recipe:

I couldn’t find mini M&Ms, so I opted to use regular size and added less. They still turned out yummy. I did forget to leave my butter out to soften, and being the newbie that I am in the kitchen, I thought I could just mix it up. Boy was I wrong and I had to work that butter until it was soft and able to be mixed! But lesson learned!! DON’T FORGET THE BUTTER! Other than that, this recipe couldn’t be easier to follow and even better to taste. I love chewy cookies over harder cookies, so while I thought they were delicious when they came out, I had to make sure, with the tasting help of my husband that they weren’t in fact, still raw. I felt like the balls of dough were a little on the larger size when I scooped them out (pics below), but they did turn out edible, so I was proud of myself!

Outcome? I earned a baking badge from my son, because he said they were the best cookies he ever tasted (LOL), but unfortunately, I think I placed them together a little too early so they all started to just melt together into one big cookie. The way they looked though was fantastic. Check out my pics below!

Batter looked great, and the color of the M&Ms made my heart happy!


I feel like I could have done smaller balls of dough and they would have come out just a touch better.

The finished product! These were a fun batch of cookies to make, and definitely would be a hit with the young kids! What do you like to make for tiny humans? Let me know!



Once these were done, I thought, why not make something my husband would enjoy? I know he loves banana bread and it seemed pretty easy from the recipe I found, so I went to work! I followed this recipe:

Easy enough to follow, right? I never sifted ingredients before, and honestly, I don’t know what the point is, so if anyone can help me out, I would love to know!

The recipe says “Do not over mix”, so I just decided what I felt like the best consistency for the batter was and went on to pour my mixture into the pan. I felt like the bananas were too visible in it, but I went ahead any. The recipe calls for 3 bananas, but add a 4th if you are looking for extra moist. I chose to use 3 1/2, just because I really wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out.

Initially, I didn’t care to put any nuts into this loaf. 1 – the recipe I chose didn’t call for nuts and too I didn’t think I would miss them. But, if you can add nuts to this, please do! It will make such a difference so I will most definitely be adding some next time. I am thinking walnuts, but what do you guys think?

The outcome? A huge hit! So much that this delicious loaf of goodness only lasted about a day. My husband, who is my number one fan if you couldn’t tell, was a little upset he only got to eat one slice, because I did hand it out for people to try. The recipe says it will serve 10, but I must have cut with a heavy hand, because this maybe gave me 6-8 servings!

Check out my final pic below. What are your favorite banana bread recipes?


Look out for my next blog, where I made a simple but super colorful and delicious pasta salad! Thanks for checking me out!


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